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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm


Everyone participates in the Music Ministry of Grace! In singing, listening, playing, and praying, all are involved in this unique, God given window to the beauty of holiness. Specific ministries that serve our liturgies include Chancel Choir, St. Francis Choir, and Ukulele Choir. Instrumentalists often share gifts. We also have music ministries that reach into the larger community such as Threshold Singers, and we host the local Morning Music Jam. Stay tuned for frequent community events. For details, or if you have ideas for more ways we can lift music as a healing force in the world, see or email Martha Burford,

Adult Choir Weekly Rehearsal
Thursday, 7-8:30. All are welcome!
Ukulele Choir
Wednesdays, 4 PM


Making Front Porch Music is enjoying a surge these days. Uke Group-our ukulele choir will begin fall practices on Wednesday, Sept. 9. We have been meeting at 4pm. If you are 10 or many multiples of 10 years old, join us. We're playing and singing "Amazing Grace," "Come to the Table," and other songs for worship, as well as front porch favorites. We have room for beginners and welcome advanced players! Bring the family. And, if there's a better time, or if you are a beginner who wants one-on-one time, let me know! Uke Group: led by Martha Burford and Judy Schram


Adult Choir

In the Book of Proverbs we are advised: "Trust in God with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding." This fall will be different for the choir, as we continue to sing, praise God, learn, and support each other. Our songs will be mostly recorded. Our virtual rehearsals (for the time being) will focus on skills: vocal technique, theory, sight reading, ear training, and will also offer some music history and theological delving into hymnody. Zoomtime will open at 7 on Thursdays with "checking in," followed by some focused work. Focused time will end around 8:00 and the zoom room will remain open for a while for those who wish to talk.

October 10 Fundraiser for the Boys Home of Virginia: 

Virtual Concert for the Boys Home of Virginia! #BoysHomeofVirginiaMusiciansWhoCare  Tickets will soon go on sale for the concert, which will premiere on Oct. 10 and be available for some time after. Over 25 musicians from Rockbridge to Alexandria to Richmond to Seattle to San Francisco to Jackson, Mississippi, to Los Angeles will offer music in this amazing concert! Names to be announced soon. Ticket prices will be tiered.

ALL DONATIONS will benefit the Boys Home of Virginia. Stay tuned for more details. And, yes, we would love more musicians, so keep 'em coming!

Treasure Hunt for Hidden Talents

Treasure Hunt for Hidden Talents: A second part to Oct. 10's Boys Home Fundraiser! #BoysHomeofVirginiaTHHT What Hidden Talents do you have? Juggling? Making beautiful flower arrangements? Tying a cherry stem in a knot with your tongue? Playing "Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star" on a saw or on water goblets? Practice up! More details next week!


You may notice on Sundays some new, not so wonderful sounds from the organ. Praise God for the years of service it has given for the glory of God. And, thanks be to God for its chance, soon, to retire, as we welcome a new Casavant!

For more details or information about any of the above, contact Martha at 

Rockbridge Area Hospice

Threshold Singers - Singers Welcome

Threshold Singers offer the gift of song at the bedsides of those who are at thresholds of living and dying, coming by invitation in groups of 2-4 singers. Our gentle songs bring ease and comfort to clients, family, and caregivers. Practices are held Wednesdays at 5:30 in the Brooke Family Undercroft at Grace Church.

Grace Episcopal Church:

Moving Forward

Click here for a powerpoint of the New Organ and Chancel Renovation proposal.