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April 24, May 8 & 15 -  Three Kings of Israel, with Doug Ayer

 Doug Ayer treats from a historical perspective three Kings of Israel who exemplify prominent aspects of the development of Israel's Monarchy.  David transforms a Tribal Confederation into a Nation-State. Solomon expands David's State into a Regional Empire. Josiah, near the end of the Pre-Exilic Period, institutes a major if short-lived Political Reform which institutes elements of limited government parallel in some respects to features found in institutions in Ancient Greece during roughly the same period.

February 6 - The Doctrines and Discipline of the Episcopal Church, with David Cox

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January 23 - Russia and Ukraine, Issues and Prospects, with Doug Ayer

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The Seven Last Words of Christ 

with Joanne Robblee

A three-part series of Reflections on The Seven Last Words of Christ from Jon Meacham's The Hope of Glory. The events of Good Friday and Easter reveal essential truths about Christianity. Beginning with “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do” we will discuss how these words epitomize Jesus’s message of love, not hate; grace, not rage; and, rather than vengeance, extraordinary mercy.

Available for viewing on YouTube

The Life and Doctrine of Dietrich Bonhoeffer March 7 & 14

Our presenter, Brooklyne Oliveira is a senior in Religion and Philosophy at WLU.  

Available for viewing on YouTube

The Labyrinth with Joanne Robblee              

The History of the Labyrinth, part 1 HERE

                            The Labyrinth of Grace, part 2 HERE

                            Walking the Labyrinth, part 3 HERE

The Windows and Brass of Grace with Marlys Craun  HERE


EfM (Education for Ministry) September - May

Education for Ministry (EfM), a four-year program of theological education at-a-distance, has begun its fall session here at Grace Episcopal Church. As the emphasis on lay ministry has grown, the EfM program has played a crucial role in developing theologically informed, knowledgeable lay leaders. The program is sponsored by the University of the South and since its inception in 1975, more than 60,000 people have participated.  If you're interested in becoming a part of this group, contact the Parish Office for more information. 

Children and Youth
 Programs for Children and Youth usually run September - May. 


Watch for announcements about Vacation Bible School and other summer fun!

Youth are valued parishioners and take an active role in our worship by acolyting, lay reading, and singing in the choirs.

We regularly participate in DIOSWVA's youth events,
FYE, Happening, SYE, Youth@Convention and YMT.

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