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Sunday, January 17

The Gifts of the Spirit with Megan Hess 9:45 am

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit are unique skills and abilities given by the Holy Spirit to faithful followers of Christ to serve God for the common benefit of his people, the church. Discover their biblical references and meaning as we explore the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Join us on Zoom.


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The Labyrinth with Joanne Robblee              

The History of the Labyrinth, part 1 HERE

                            The Labyrinth of Grace, part 2 HERE

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The Windows and Brass of Grace with Marlys Craun  HERE

Christian Education for Youth and Students 

Sunday, 1 - 2 pm, (ZOOM)

With Megan Hess and Sharon Massie

The theme for this year at Grace Episcopal Church is “Walking the Way of Love.” This theme is perfect for our youth formation journey, as it puts love at the heart of what we aim to do and who we hope to become.


The renowned Christian educator John Stonestreet recently said that figuring out what love means and getting it right should be the central concern for all Christians. To that end, we have divided our formation journey into three parts: love, language, and leadership.


In the first unit on love, we explored what it means when we say that God is Love, talk about how we come to know God, and ponder the justice of a loving God.


In our second unit on language, we will dig deeper into Scripture to unpack the language that God gives us to understand the way of love. In particular, we will explore the notion of the Holy Trinity, look at the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit, and discuss the covenants that God has made with us as revealed in Scripture. In this unit, we will also talk about the language of our faith tradition, especially the rituals of baptism, confirmation, and communion.


The last unit will be about leadership, about the work we are called to do to be in relationship with God and become the kind of people that speak truth and walk with love. We will ponder the parables Jesus used to teach his disciples about God’s kingdom and use these lessons to begin to discover our own purpose and role in cultivating that kingdom. We will conclude by reflecting upon our own personal leadership journey, who we hope to become, and how to take the next right step forward.


To help keep the class interesting and engaging, we are doing much more than just reading the Bible and talking and praying (although these are all really great things to do!) We are sharing videos(check out, listening to personal stories, and exploring amazing works of art and science that will help us illuminate the essential truths in each of our lessons.



Sacred Ground began Wednesday, September 23

Our Sacred Ground series began on September 23 with 49 people registered. Tuck Bowerfind, Anne Grizzle, Anna Crockett, Patrick Rhamey, David Cox, Cecile West-Settle and Laurent Boetsch are our facilitators. Please pray for us as we journey through this powerful online curriculum of documentary films and readings that focus on Indigenous, Black, Latinx, and Asian/Pacific American histories as they intersect with European American histories. 


Sacred Ground is a Becoming Beloved Community initiative of The Episcopal Church, a long-term commitment to racial healing, reconciliation, and justice in our personal lives, our ministries, and our society.


For more information about Sacred Ground please see


EfM (Education for Ministry) September - May

Education for Ministry (EfM), a four-year program of theological education at-a-distance, has begun its fall session here at Grace Episcopal Church. As the emphasis on lay ministry has grown, the EfM program has played a crucial role in developing theologically informed, knowledgeable lay leaders. The program is sponsored by the University of the South and since its inception in 1975, more than 60,000 people have participated.  If you're interested in becoming a part of this group, contact Sharon Massie, Program Director, for more information. A new case will form in Fall 2021.

Godly Play 

Wednesdays, 4 pm ZOOM 

Godly Play provides a time and a space for children to engage with God and with the story of God’s people in the Bible. A Godly Play session includes a time to gather in a circle to listen to a story, a time of wondering, and a time for children to respond to the story through art or creative play.

Children and Youth
These programs run September - May. Watch for announcements about Vacation Bible School and other summer fun!

Youth are valued parishioners and take an active role in our worship by acolyting, lay reading, and singing in the choirs.

We regularly participate in DIOSWVA's youth events,
FYE, Happening, SYE, Youth@Convention and YMT.

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