The Stewardship Committee is pleased to announce the name of the 2019 stewardship campaign –
“God’s Renewing Love: Growing Through Giving.”

The first part of the name reflects a key emphasis in the Collect for a New Priest which we pray each Sunday. The Collect opens by affirming that God represents grace and renewing love, and that we seek to be guided by that love toward the renewal of the spiritual life of our members. It is through God’s renewing love that we also aspire to fulfill the aspirations of Grace Episcopal’s mission statement.

The mission affirms the desire for our parish to share in the redeeming work of God by proclaiming the Gospel of Christ, by worshiping Jesus as Lord, by growing in the knowledge of God and God’s will for our
parish and by building the fellowship of Christ’s body, the Church. The mission statement continues to affirm that we seek to share God’s love in witness and service to one another, to our local community, to our neighboring institutions of higher education, and, through the Diocese, to the nation and the world.

We grow as individuals and a community as we draw upon God’s renewing love and seriously consider the financial resources we will devote to the vitality of the spiritual life and missions of Grace Episcopal Church. Committing our resources at the highest level appropriate for our circumstances and with serious and prayerful consideration can transform ourselves and our community.

Our parish has tremendous potential. Together, we can help realize it. Let us express our appreciation for God’s free-flowing Grace and Renewing Love by enthusiastically supporting the 2019 campaign.

Stewardship Committee- Dennis Cross, Don Ellis, Laurent Boetsch,
Gail Dickerson, Carol Dent, Brandt Hellwig, John Milford

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All things come of thee O Lord,

And of thine own we have given thee.

-1 Chronicles 29:14