Christian Education

Sunday Mornings at Grace Episcopal Church  (September - May)

Christianity and Culture, Parish Hall, 9:15
An Adult Forum that addresses the Christian life in our culture.
A series honoring Peyton Craighill, Religion and Opera with Tim Gaylard
"Opera and Religion: the cases of four different composers."
September 29    Mozart, the Catholic and the Mason
October 6          Verdi, the skeptic and critic of religion
October 13        See below
October  27       Puccini's Sister Angelica as a symbol
November 3      Wagner and the Knights of the Holy Grail

October 13        Walking the Labyrinth as a Spiritual Practice, Sarah Elliot
Labyrinths are ancient patterns that have existed in a variety of forms for 4,000 years or more. The spiritual practice of labyrinth walking has experienced a world-wide revival since the turn of the 20th century. Explore the history of labyrinths and learn how to use labyrinth walking as a personal or corporate prayer practice.

Adult Inquirer's Class, Sundays, September 29 - December 1, Library, 9:15 - 10:15
An Adult Inquirer's class will be offered by Fr. James and guest speakers on Sunday mornings for newcomers who would like to know more about Grace Church and for those who would like to brush up on their knowledge of the Episcopal Church.
The Rt. Rev. Mark A. Bourlakas, sixth bishop of our diocese, is visiting our church on Sunday, December 22, for Confirmation. If you desire to either be confirmed or received as a member (having been confirmed in another denomination) or reaffirm your faith you may do so at that time.

Youth and Young Adults, Canterbury Room, 9:30
World Religions on Film. Class has started with the film The Cup (Bhutan, 1999), which explores Buddhist monks in India who love soccer! Dr. Christian Haskett, come speak  about Buddhism on October 6. After that, they will explore the Jewish holiday of Sukkot with Grace?s next door neighbor, Hillel Director, Maggie Shapiro Haskett, who will introduce Sukkot. Next they will watch the movie Ushpizin (Israel, 2005), which also focuses on the holiday. In November, an Imam will be visiting Grace, so we will study Islam next, possibly using the documentary film Koran by Heart (2011), which follows a group of kids who are memorizing the Koran for a competition. The films are rated G or PG.

Christian Education in the Atrium for ages 3 -12, 9:30, 3rd Floor
We have converted the old preschool classroom into an Atrium, a Montessori-based enrichment space where children can hear, ponder, and celebrate the essential messages of the Christian faith as revealed in the scriptures and the liturgy with hands-on activities (works).  We think that the children will enjoy the higher level of activity that this format offers them.  Please come visit the new space and encourage your children to try it out. If you or your High School age child would like to volunteer one Sunday a month to help with the Atrium, please contact Megan Hess.

EfM (Education for Ministry) September - May
Education for Ministry (EfM), a four-year program of theological education at-a-distance, has begun its fall session here at Grace Episcopal Church. As the emphasis on lay ministry has grown, the EfM program has played a crucial role in developing theologically informed, knowledgeable lay leaders. The program is sponsored by the University of the South and since its inception in 1975, more than 60,000 people have participated.  If you?re interested in becoming a part of this group, contact Sharon Massie, Program Director, for more information.

Godly Play & Cherub Choir
3:30 - 4:30, Atrium, 3rd floor Parish House )September - May
(ages 3 through first grade)

Godly Play provides a time and a space for children to engage with God and with the story of God?s people in the Bible. A Godly Play session includes a time to gather in a circle to listen to a story, a time of wondering, and a time for children to respond to the story through art or creative play. In addition to Godly Play, Cherub Choir teaches beginning musicianship and and songs of prayer and praise for daily and family life.




The Way of Love
Book Study

Wednesdays, 7 - 8 PM
Canterbury Room