Capital Campaign

Phase 2 of our Capital Campaign is completed! Phase 2 funds are going towards the renovation of the Undercroft. The word Undercroft comes from crypta or crypt. In olden days this is where the treasures of the church were kept. This is very apropos for our undercroft, for it is a treasure of our church. From the beginning it was the community gathering place for the church, where services were first held, to Sunday school rooms and church offices, to the early years of Yellow Brick Road. The Undercroft has been an important part of the life of our parish.

We are now renovating the space to make it a useful focal point for many of our ministries. The renovation includes choir rehearsal and office spaces, a refurbished sacristy, new secure community room, handicapped restrooms, and an open space for general use by the congregation and our many ministering committees.

Construction is planned to be finished in early Fall 2018.